Revised 8/23/20


The following guidelines are to be used:

1.     All waiting areas in the dance studio will be closed until further notice. Children are to be  

        dropped off at the back bottom door at class time. Exception: Shannon’s Wednesday dance 

        classes. Do not come early because they will not be able to come inside.


2.     Parents must conduct their own health assessment of the dancer’s temperature and if they are 

        feeling ill.


3.     Dancer’s should not enter the building until their exact class time. They may wait in their car 

        outside upon arrival until their class time.


4.     Dancer’s need to arrive to the studio in dance clothes. There will be changing allowed in the 



5.     Dancer’s are required to sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the building.


6.     Studio floors have been disinfected with a commercial/hospital grade disinfectant following 

        manufacturing guidelines.


7.     Upon entering the studio dancers will be directed to studio 1 or 2.


8.     Dancer’s should bring only those shoes needed for class. If they bring bags, they will be sprayed 

        with Lysol.


9.     There will be contact between dancers at any time and they must maintain social distancing 

        while in the buildings.


10.   Covington Health Department public health associate has advised me that satisfactory social

        distance is 6-10 feet!


11.   Public health associate has advised me that face covering is required during exercise.


12.   The water cooler is until further notice.


13.   There will be NO eating in the studio. Dancer’s bring any food or snacks into the building.


14.   Payments can be put in the drop box, in an envelope with the child’s name and parent’s name at 

         the back lower entrance door.There is also a drop box at the front door on Main St. for 

         payments. If you want to use a credit card, please message the numbers to Patsy. Patsy also

         has PayPal now if you want to use that method of payment.Message me for the details.


15.   Registration for 2020-2021 dance year will be held soon. More info to follow at a later date. 

        Thank you for your continued patience and understanding through all these new changes. We 

        appreciate everyone’s commitment to safety and we can’t wait to see the dancer in class!


16.   ADDED 7/3/20   Families or anyone in the household who visits “hot spots” for Covid-19 will

        have to quarantine for 14 days before returning to the dance studio.  These are the “hot spots”

        as of today referred to by the Roanoke-Alleghany Health District:   Florida, Texas, and

        Arizona.  As “hot spots” are added or dismissed by the District Director,  those will be taken in 

        consideration at Patsy’s.