This is a program that Patsy’s Dance Studio offers to “special needs” boys and girls, men and women. Free class every Tuesday 5:45 to 6:30pm. Hopefully, we can start this program back at the studio in January 2021.  

Darby’s Dancers Information

Patsy’s Dance Studio is offering a dance education program for individuals with special needs. The studio has partnered with Darby’s Dancers, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide dance classes to individuals with special needs. The program is offered free of charge to these individuals including classes, shoes, recital t-shirt and other items deemed necessary for them to participate. The cost of the program will be funded by business and personal partners and donations throughout the community and other locations. Darby’s Dancers was founded by the parents of Darby Jones of Huntsville, AL. Darby had Downs
Syndrome and was an avid dancer before she lost her life to leukemia in 2013. The program was developed by her parents, Valarie and Patrick Jones to honor Darby’s legacy and allow individuals with special needs an opportunity to participate in the performing arts through dance education.
Patsy’s Dance Studio offers classes in various types of dance for children and adults and added Darby’s Dancer program in May 2019. After a unforeseen COVID-19 Pandemic in March, 2020, classes have not been held nut the studio is hopeful to start back in January 2021,

To learn more about this program, please contact Amanda Burns, Kayla Douglas or Patsy Snead or call the studio at 540-962-4151 and leave a message. Voicemail 24/7. Please contact any of the above or the studio if you would like to volunteer for this program. Volunteers are always needed.


Patsy’s Dance Studio

319 W. Main St.

Phone # 540-962-4151


Amanda’s email is

Patsy’s email is
Darby’s also has a Facebook page that we would like you to join: Darby’s Dancers