About Us

In 1983 Patsy Snead and Teenie Watts bought Meador Dance Studio on Main St. from Howard and June Meador.  Originally from Roanoke, the Meadors came to Covington in the late 70s to provide dance aerobics for adults and dance instruction for children.  I started taking an aerobics class at the old Training Center offered by Westvaco where I was working that was taught by the Meadors.  In 1979 they asked me if I would be interested in teaching aerobics for them.  I was trained by Howard Meador and taught classes at their studio on Main St., the Legion Hut and the Millboro Community Center.  In 1983 the Meadors wanted to sell the business and relocate so Teenie Watts asked me if I was interested in co-owning the studio and she would take care of the dance and I could teach the aerobics.  With a newly established business we wanted to give it a new name and definitely had to have a dance teacher because neither one of us could teach dance, so when Camille Lesoine called from Hot Springs where she was teaching dance saying she was interested in teaching for me, we jumped at the chance to hire her.   Her husband was a supervisor at Back Creek Dominion Power and they had relocated to Bath County from Newport News, VA.  She helped us paint and make the studio into an inviting place and while we were just talking about her experiences and the production shows that she had performed, she said she had performed in a production called “Music In Motion.”  That was a perfect name for our new business.    So, Music In Motion Dance Studio was ready for business in the Fall of 1983 with Camille teaching all the dance classes and me overseeing the aerobic classes. 

We had 50 dance students the first year and we have averaged 150-180 dance students for 28 years.  I bought out Teenie Kegley’s one half of the business in 1988 and moved my business to the Hotel Collins on Maple Avenue.  John Mitchell, owner of the hotel,  sold the hotel in 1994 and I was forced to move again and this time, B. A. Fridley built me a dance studio on the third floor of Rottie’s Gym on Main Street where old Montgomery Ward’s Catalog store had been located years before.  The bottom part of the building was Western Auto for many years.   When Red’s TV on Monroe Avenue was up for auction in 1996, Tommy Garten bought the building and I approached him and asked what he was planning to do with the building and with him saying he had nothing in mind at the moment, I asked him if I could rent it for the dance studio.  Therefore, Music In Motion Dance Studio moved again and our name changed that same year.  A lady from Attica, New York contacted me after seeing our name and location on the internet and said that she had copyrighted the name “Music In Motion” in 1982 and owned eight other Music In Motions on the east coast.  She said she could acquire my business and I would become the Manager.  After researching her claim and talking with my lawyer, I decided instead of trying to fight her, I would change the name to Patsy’s Dance Studio. 

Connie McLaughlin, my daughter, has been my office manager for 5 years.  We can definitely say that the dance studio has been one of the longest running businesses in Covington and I am looking forward to many more years of providing the art of dance to children and adults.


Donna Walton

Took dance for 34 years and has been teaching dance for 22 years at Patsy's.  Minored in dance at Longwood College and was a member of the Longwood Company Dancers.  Attended seminars and workshops as follows Music Works, Dance Educators of America, Christopher Roberts Team, National Dance Association and Spotlight Dance Competition.  

Amanda Burns

Took dance for 12 years before becoming a dance teacher. Has been teaching at Patsy's since 2008.  Attended the following seminars and workshops  Dance Educators of America, RC Dance Team Workshops, Radford University Clogging workshops.

Angie Kimberlin

Began teaching clogging at Patsy's in 2006.  Has attended multiple clogging workshops over the last 20 years.

Hannah Cvizic

Took dance for 12 years before becoming a dance/tumbling teacher at Patsy's.  Has been teaching since the Fall of 2009.

Jessie Givens

Took dance for 15 years before becoming a dance/tumbling teacher at Patsy's.  Has been teaching since the Fall of 2010.

Chloe Bruce

Has been taking dance at Patsy's since 1999 and has been teaching dance at Patsy's for 5 years.

Sarah Blevins

Has been taking dance at Patsy's since 2000 and has been teaching dance at Patsy's for 5 years.

Rachel Kimberlin, Dance Assistant for Angie Kimberlin
Maddie Martin, Dance Assistant for Amanda Burns